Validating certificate trust for windows mobile devices

03-Mar-2018 16:17

validating certificate trust for windows mobile devices-16

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In a single-user environment in mac OS, installing an MDM profile causes the device to be managed by MDM (via device profiles) and the user that installed the profile (via user profiles), but any other local user logging into that machine will not be managed (other than via device profiles).

Multiple network users bound to Open Directory servers can also have their devices managed, assuming the MDM server is configured to recognize them.

Our exchange server has suddenly stopped serving mobile devices.

Attempts to connect result in our Active Sync server returning HTTP 500. Our server is Windows 2003 SBS 6.5 SP2 There are no abnormal events in the system log.

In the case of this example with the error message: …

the issue is caused by the certificate used for the load balancing server is not linked to the intermediate issuing certificate.

Ist das Problem mit allen Accounts nachvollziehbar oder beschränkt es sich auf einen Account?

-Run the Change Server IP wizard from Server Manager.

Because an MDM server may push a profile containing a passcode policy without user interaction, it is possible that a user’s passcode must be changed to comply with a more stringent policy.

When this situation arises, a 60-minute countdown begins.

This advantage becomes more apparent when your organization uses certificate-based account credentials.

As client certificates expire, you can replace those credentials one account at a time.

You can always add additional restrictions and capabilities in separate payloads.