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At night, the spire is floodlit to impressive effect. Nicholas Square was the work of Sir Alfred Gilbert (1900).Interior highlights include the canopied font and lectern (both dating from 1500), the organ (1676), and numerous fine statues (15th to 20th centuries). To the east of the Tyne Bridge is one of the oldest parts of Newcastle, the Chares.This series of well-preserved, narrow medieval streets and lanes, with their stepped pathways, are endless fun to explore, including Breakneck Stairs, Long Stairs, and Castle Stairs, the latter leading to Castle Keep and the Black Gate.Along the way, you'll find newer (yet still historic) architectural delights including the Custom House (1766) and Trinity House (1721).If traveling with youngsters visit the inspirational Seven Stories, a center for original manuscripts and illustrations from some of Britain's best-loved children's authors.

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The Quayside district around the Tyne and High Level Bridges has been redeveloped, and many of the old houses are now hotels, shops, and restaurants.

Once an important coal port, the harbor area is now a busy passenger terminus for ferries and cruise ships to Europe, as well as for boat trips around the city.