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Dating from the Middle Ages, when a woman was proscribed and subjected to penalties of outlawry, she was said to be “waived” and called a "waif".

This waiving of the law was tantamount to outlawry since it removed all protection of the law.

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Herpes simplex type 1, which is transmitted through oral secretions or sores on the skin, can be spread through kissing or sharing objects such as toothbrushes or eating utensils.

As such, the term is similar to a ragamuffin or street urchin, although the main distinction is volitional: a runaway youth might live on the streets, but would not properly be called a waif as the departure from one's home was an exercise of free will.

Likewise, a person fleeing their home for purposes of safety (as in response to political oppression or natural disaster), is typically considered not a waif but a refugee.

Women in this status were outside of the "law", and as with male outlaws, others could kill them on sight as if they were wild animals.

Under British common law, items stolen by a thief and discarded during the thief's flight are "waifs." The monarch owns such waifs by royal prerogative.In general, a person can only get herpes type 2 infection during sexual contact with someone who has a genital HSV-2 infection.