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11-Jun-2018 14:25

And perhaps not surprisingly, no president has done more to keep his game a secret.

During the 104 rounds Obama has played as president, photographers have been permitted only five times, according to White House pool reports.

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When asked for the POTUS' handicap, press secretary Jay Carney likes to joke, "That's classified." The president usually decides to hit the links a day or two in advance, weather permitting.Like nearly all of Obama's previous outings, the only witnesses are his playing partners -- a trio of White House staffers -- and a platoon of Secret Service agents.Obama's favorite game is basketball, a love affair that began at age 10 when the father he barely knew gave him a ball.Even then, they've had to use telephoto lenses from 40 or 50 yards and only for a few moments.

Reporters accompanying Obama are usually banished far from the first tee; at Andrews, they are quarantined inside the base's food court.Lush natural beauty, delightfully inviting year-round weather and a wide range of accommodations —from name brand hotel chains to luxury resorts — all combine to make golf in the Golden Isles an experience to savor again and again.