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"It's really cool, and I just hope he wins it because he's worked so hard," the 19-year-old said.

Ross is used to seeing his older brother perform all the time, but was there a specific performance on the show that impressed him the most? He just really committed." You can catch the brothers on tour together this summer (or as Riker offered up last night, as Noah's wedding singer).

Classy, bro, classy.'"Whether Val meant it or not, he went up to Nastia after the package aired to apologize.

"Something I've learned about this experience is that it's a TV show," explained Nastia, "and for 20 years of my life when I competed, there were no producers. I think that's what I was trying to do at the beginning of the season and why I was so into the scores and the placements." She went on to add that Derek helped her realize that "you have to live in the moment.

After the show, Riker's brother, Ross Lynch, came backstage to talk about his brother's journey on .

The only thing you could say is that the last dance we did last night was very beautiful, very memorable, very special. So there's zero value in trying to guess [why we were eliminated]."While Derek and Nastia took the high road when it came to the elimination, they were much more open about the comments that fellow pro Val Chmerkovskiy said in one of the prepackages played during the show.

When the pros were asked to comment on the remaining contestants, Val remarked that "Nastia and Derek are so perfect that it makes them a bit uninteresting." Many times the couples don't watch every tape package that's played in the ballroom, but this time, Derek did. "I heard him and I went up to him afterwards and was like, ' Thanks.

After the show, the two talked to winner didn't deserve to go home, but Nastia didn't connect with the TV audience the same way that Rumer or Noah did.

Nastia was a favorite of the entire press and crew for her warm disposition and caring nature, but unfortunately that didn't seem to come through on television (something Nastia admitted to me, as you'll see below).

Everyone is deserving of it, but either Rumer Willis or Riker Lynch should win it.