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Using a trip to Mc Donald's as a metaphor for how to date girls, Ron explained the rules of the game: you get to first base, a kiss, when you buy a girl a Coke; second base included French kissing and touching her breast with a purchase of a burger; third base, which included fellatio, was buying a Coke, burger, and fries. Intercourse, with Coke, burger, fries, and a milkshake! Not only did he cast the American dating game as hedonistic, raising an argument for abstinence-only sex education, but he also told us all who were "homosexual" we're going to hell.Love Jesus or be gay and go to hell were the choices.When Ron asked for a song leader in a Young Life meeting, he and I would sing together.When Ron shared his inner most thoughts at a Bible study, I accepted his interpretation as Godly.I was not the only one drawn to this attractive young man. After years in the Church as a child, a youth, and later in church leadership and teaching in a seminary, I am aware that men and women chosen to be leaders are often physically attractive.When I taught in a seminary, I poked fun at the "Bachelor Phenomenon", explaining to my Christian education classes that the "ideal" youth leader in a Christian group needed to play three chords on the guitar around camp fires, design creative hats and t-shirts in neon colors, know an encyclopedia of non-violent games, spout memorized Bible verses when one left the Bible at home, and be young and good looking enough to get married and make babies thereby teaching the young women in the youth group to be babysitters.

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So, in the spirit of knocking us all down a peg or two, let me share with you my list of things you should 5) Never allow teens unfettered access to the church building for a video/photography project unless you find out the subject matter first (which is preferable to finding it out after the images hit Facebook or You Tube and the senior pastor is giving you a call.)7) Never drive anywhere alone with one of your youth (unless you are trying to escape from the T Rex that has just flattened the church building and even then the teenager should ride in the back seat!

I discovered a passion for learning more about Scripture, and was proud of my young naïve thoughts about the Bible.